Case Study: Esterline

California ETP Funding for Training

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Kirkhill-TA is a subsidiary of publicly traded Esterline Technologies (NYSE: ESL).  Esterline Technologies is a specialized manufacturing company serving principally aerospace and defense markets with over 20 companies and brands.  Esterline has manufacturing operations throughout the U.S. and Europe.


In 1999, Esterline Technologies combined the resources of two of the world’s leading companies in engineered elastomer and aerospace clamping solutions: Kirkhill Rubber Company and TA Mfg. to form Kirkhill-TA.  As part of the Esterline family, Kirkhill-TA maintains small company responsiveness with all the advantages of a larger company: industry expertise, financial strength and seasoned management.  


The Challenge


Kirkhill-TA’s challenge was to secure funding from the California ETP program for a variety of management training skills and technical skills, along with Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL).  


Esterline had previously used one of CalTraining’s competitors and as a result the program was not successful.  Near the end of that ETP program, the competitor was providing such poor service that it resulted in Esterline losing many thousands of dollars that should have been funded.   




Esterline hired CalTraining to rescue its current ETP program from the mistakes and lack of success with other ETP consulting provider.  CalTraining’s methodology resulted in much higher success in completed training and timely, accurately administration.  On two separate occasions, Esterline dealt with competitors and CalTraining rescued them from poor ETP program administration.




California Training Coalition (CalTraining) restructured the current ETP contracts, provided hands-on administration, and rescued many thousands of dollars for Esterline, money that was earned by Esterline but would have been lost otherwise.  Furthermore, CalTraining developed and administrated another ETP contract for one of Esterline’s divisions that was extremely successful.  In response, Esterline applied for and received additional ETP contracts in California over a period of ten years. Each contract was successful.  Esterline and ETP staff were delighted by the success with cumulative funding exceeding $1 million dollars.




Esterline is a repeat CalTraining customer with multiple medium-sized divisions ranging from 100 to 400 employees: Kirkhill TA Co, Leach International, TA Aerospace, Armtech.  After Kirkhill had experienced disappointment with different ETP providers, CalTraining was brought in to capture most of the lost funding from the failed ETP program. Since that time Kirkhill has developed three successful programs with us, in addition to our successful programs with their other sister companies at Esterline.



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